Best Coffee Maker That Grinds Beans

Coffee lovers out there know that coffee hits differently when the beans are ground at the exact moment when you want a coffee. Grinding the beans and creating your own coffee powder that could be stored for later use is not an easy task.

Instead having a coffee maker that could do that for you right at the moment when you are planning on a making a coffee can make life much simpler and easy. Coffee makers that do both these tasks for you are not only difficult to find but also quite expensive.

If you too are looking for one that can grind beans as well as make coffee for you, then you are about to find some of the best coffee makers that grinds beans. I hope this helps you decide on one for you. Let’s get started!


Best Coffee Maker That Grinds Beans

Breville BES870BSXL Coffee Machine

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, Black Sesame, BES870BSXL, 2

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could prepare coffee like a pro from the comfort of your home. You can definitely count on the Breville semi-automated machine to deliver quality in a cup just about every day.

The machine uses the 4-key formula and is a part of the Barista Series. It offers an all-in-one espresso machine with a built-in grinder to go from beans to espresso in just one minute. The conical burr grinder with a grind size dial can control grinding on demand with great care and precision.

It comes with an automatic dual-wall pressured filter. This ensures all the flavors are extracted evenly for a perfect and balanced taste. The adjustable digital temperature control shoots water with the exact right temperature ensuring the finest espresso extraction.

This machine offers a stainless steel 360° spin act steam that allows you to produce silkily smooth milk texture with very less effort. The performance of the steam wand allows you to manually texture foam milk that aids latte art creation. 

The machine comes with a CLEAN ME light indication when you need to start the cleaning cycle. The water filter needs to be replaced in 2 months to avoid the necessity to decalcify.

The Breville BES870BSXL offers to produce 6 kinds of coffees to make, which are Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Macchiato, Americano, Ristretto.

• High-Quality Device
• Compact Size
• Easy-to-Use
• Micro foam texturing
• Grind size dial
• Cannot be used in the dishwasher to clean

Jura Jura E4 Automatic Coffee Machine 

Jura E4 Automatic Coffee Machine (Piano Black)

The Jura E4 automatic coffee machine is an appliance that offers more than saving you the inconvenience of running to the local coffee shop.

Customizable options are available to create an easy maintaining experience overall for everyone. The Jura D6 features smart connect app technology. It comes with a rotary dial with a digital text display. This makes the machine easy to function and program any of the 7 kinds of specialties.

Jura has a high-class technology called the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) that enhances timely extraction for a flawless barista class beverage. The P.E.P also guarantees perfect beverages to come fully with strong flavors.

The machine does not come with a removable brew group but comes with a detachable transparent water tank. You will require to make room when opening the maintenance chute.

The other smart feature the machine comes with is the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S) with RIFD automated technology. The I.W.S feature indicates when the water from the filter requires changing. This smart filtration process helps to deliver a quality cup of coffee.

Micro foamed frother can be prepared very quickly giving you smooth and silky textured milk perfect for cappuccinos and lattes. The 13.5×11 inch Jura E6 coffee appliance is compact in size and fits perfectly in a compact kitchen.

• Sturdy and Durable body
• Compact size
• Intelligent Water System technology
• 1 touch preparation
• Aroma G2 Grinder
• Smart Connect App control
• Pulse extraction process technology
• Only provides 3 types of drinks – Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino

Smeg ECF01RDUS Espresso Coffee Machine

Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine, Red

The Smeg ECF01 replicates the company’s most loved 1950’s old fashioned vintage design appliances with a twist on modernity. The product is mentioned on the lists of best buys for manual espresso coffee machines.

The espresso coffee machine comes in attractive colors. This makes it perfect to coordinate your kitchen set up.

The machine is a manual coffee maker. This means you will need to pre grind your coffee beans. For real coffee enthusiasts, you will need to keep some money aside for a coffee grinder of good quality too.

Since the machine is manual, you will require to infuse the filter, compress the coffee and steam and foam the milk as well. It features 3 buttons that allow you to customize the volume, strength and temperature of your coffee. It can remember your desired preferences to use for the next time. 

The machine has the compatibility to use espresso pods that are ready-to-use. It is easy to use the steam wand owing to the very simple design of the lever and can be shifted in various positions.

The machine comes with 2 dispensers which helps in brewing large or multiple cups of coffee quickly. It has a single thermoblock system to speed the process of heating up the water.

The machine also features an alarm that indicates when it’s time to decalcify. This process is essential to keep your machine in good condition.

• Stylish and compact
• Heats quickly
• Can use disposable coffee pods
• 1.5 ltr water tank
• 2 year guarantee
• No water filter


These were few of the best coffee makers that grind beans. Whether you want a morning kick-start or a late night buddy to keep you going, these coffee makers are just the thing you could wish for. They cater to almost all your coffee related requirements.

Apart from that, the machines are also of a great quality so there isn’t a chance of you facing any inconvenience. They are also compact in size which means they are more attractive and stylish in their outlook. You can also check our article on the best coffee maker with built-in grinder and the best coffee maker with grinder on the market.

Having one of these makers will not only make the coffee making process fun but will also enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Hope you find the perfect coffee maker for yourself or for your loved one.

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