Krups Vs. Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Krups is a German company that specializes in kitchen appliances. It is part of a larger group named Groupe SEB, which is a large French consortium. Their products range from coffee makers, blenders, waffle makers, toasters, food processors, etc. Their coffee appliances include:

  • Filter Coffee Makers
  • Super-automatic espresso machines
  • Coffee grinders

Cuisinart is an American brand that makes home appliances. The name literally means ‘cuisine’ and ‘art.’ Conair Corporation owns the brand. It is an American company dealing with machines, personal care, health and beauty products, etc. Just like Krups, they have their classic coffee makers, automatic and programmable coffee makers.

Did you know that the coffee grind is exceptionally crucial for the quality of your coffee?

People usually avoid buying a grinder, thinking it is expensive. Here we take a look at two of the best budget grinders.

We have the Krups GX5000 and Cuisinart DBM-8. We will be comparing both of them in detail. Also, we will try to help you out in picking the best one.


KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker

KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker, Coffee Programmable Maker, Thermal Carafe, 12 Cup, Black

The model name sounds like a high-end electronic gadget! The grinder has a very sleek metallic frame which features a 110-watt system internally.

Some of the salient features include avoiding overheating and preserving the aroma. A grinding fineness selector is provided for fine grinding. There are a total of 9 grinding levels, which range from refined espresso to coarse coffee.

The bean container has a total capacity of 8 ounces, and the grinding capacity ranges from two cups to twelve cups. It has a remarkable safety feature wherein if the container of the bean and the lid are not in the right place, and the grinder won’t operate. 

Salient Features

  • It is a metallic flat burr grinder. It has a power level of 110 W.
  • It has nine grind levels ranging from drip, cold brew, fine to coarse, and pour-over coffee grind. Along with the nine main settings, there are also five intermediate steps. 
  • You can choose between 2 to 12 cups using the cup selector. The auto-stop feature provides safety and control. 
  • It also comes with a 15-ounce removable container, removable top burr, which is handy when it comes to cleaning. It also has a 7-ounce coffee bean container.


  • It has a well-built body. Grinder is built to last.
  • It has easily removable components which are easy for cleaning.
  • It has a stylish design.


  • Limited scope for super fine grinds.
  • The fine particulates create a slightly bitter taste.

Cuisinart DBM-8

CUISINART Coffee Grinder, Electric Burr One-Touch Automatic Grinder with18-Position Grind Selector, Stainless Steel, DBM-8P1

Another cool name, probably like a Terminator machine name! The grinder has a very large grinding chamber. It has a total grinding capacity of 18 cups. For people who want to store their grinds, using this large grind chamber is a good option. It is better suited for a large household. 

The grinder is very easy to use and is hassle-free. It has an automatic stop feature which might need some practice to get used to. This feature is better adapted for single grinds. The grinder has a whopping 18 settings for grinding levels.

Salient Features

  • It is elegantly designed and is a heavy-duty appliance.
  • Uses burr grinding technique for uniform grounding of the beans and the maximum flavor. 
  • It has a powerful motor which does make a noise (for some people).


  • Pricing is highly under budget for an ordinary man.
  • It has a powerful motor. 
  • Easy to clean. The hopper is easily removable. Care should be taken while washing as the burrs should not get wet. Brush to be used for cleaning.
  • Looks good and goes well with your home décor.


  • The body is almost plastic.
  • It isn’t quiet according to some people. Well, it has a powerful motor in a thin case.

Type of Grinders

These are burr type grinders. Burr grinders are further divided on the type of burrs used. There is a flat burr, and then there is a conical burr. 

Both the grinders have flat burrs as well as conical burrs. The flat burrs are placed on each other’s top while the conical burrs are embedded into each other. Together these burrs provide a grinding mechanism. This provides a fine and consistent grind.

Conical burr grinders are a bit expensive; hence flat burrs are commonly preferred. The biggest advantage of burr grinders is the consistency of breaking down the beans’ sizes uniformly. This simply means that they extract more of the coffee and less of the bitter flavors from the fine particles.

Comparison of Both the Grinders

Both the grinders have some really cool features. So we will compare both the grinders and try to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. You can also check our article on Cuisinart Vs. Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker.

The difference in the details:

In the details lies one of the most noticeable distinctions. The GX5000 of Krups is stylish and has a good design. It is also inexpensive. However, there are fine particulates produced by its burr. What this actually means is that there will be some tiny coffee dust that will sneak through the filters and leave a bitter taste. Also, the particulates will fill up in the grinder, which eventually will take more time to clean.

Coffee bean grinding is always a messy affair, but the coffee dust is a negative point. Finally, this is a grinder that is very affordable and easy to use. It has a straightforward operating system that provides a great user experience. Any newbie trying to grind some fresh beans of coffee will find it relatively easy to operate.

The Cuisinart DBM-8 model has some issues of its own. The coffee grinder does not provide a high-quality grind for pour-over or espresso brewing. But it works exceptionally well for French press and auto-drip brewing. Also, some users have pointed out the sound of the grinder though it is not a major concern.  

If we have to choose one amongst them, then Cuisinart DBM-8 is the winner by a thin margin. The essential function of the grinder is basically the grind quality of your coffee, and DBM-8 wins in this department. 

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